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Poker Table

Texas Hold'em Poker - is the most popular game today. In Texas Hold'em, each player receives two down cards as their initial hand, and there is a round of betting. Three board cards called "the flop" are then turned simultaneously by the dealer, and as fourth street and fifth street or the "turn" and the "river", are turned one at a time with a round of betting after each one. The board cards are community cards and each player uses any five of the seven available cards, both hole cards and three from the board, one in their hand and four on the board, or the five board cards to make the best possible hand.

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Plan your party space using our Interactive Floor Planner Program.
Poker Table Options

Standard Poker Table
  • Digital Layouts ( Red, Green or Blue)
  • 8' x 4'
  • American Made

Table Photos


  • Equipment and felt colors may vary depending upon location.
  • All Poker tables come with real casino cards & 11.5 gram Casino quality chips.